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Research-Based Guide
for Adult Recovery from
Developmental Adversity

This page has been created as a temporary measure to introduce people to the topic of Sensory Difficulties accompanying PD, and to provide people
 an overview of topics covered at this year's Summit Conferences

Auditory and Visual Sensory Difficulties  Resulting From PD (PDF)

2020 Virtual Congress PD MDS (September) -- Preliminary Programme (PDF)

Insight into Parkinson's 2020 (April): Future Frontiers -- SUMMIT OVERVIEW (PDF)
(please take a note of topics of interest and see me about these)

This site is designed for adults who experienced adversity as children
(Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs)
(interpersonal trauma being one of the most common)
and who are looking for and who are looking for a better way to deal with the long-term effects of such adversity.

PLEASE NOTE: The site is undergoing major re-organization as part of making it more responsive to mobile devices. Problems, including problems finding materials from the old site, must be expected. Please contact me if you urgently require materials and have difficulty accessing them.

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Despite the undoubted beauty of New Zealand's geography, as a country of people it has some of the worst social and interpersonal problems in the world. It is known to have one of, if not THE highest rates of domestic violence in the world (see Latta's prgram here for one discussion of some of the issues involved). Naturally it must also be considered to have one of the least healthy social environments in which children grow up, and many children, and adults, suffering as a result. It also currently has some of the least prepared professionals for addressing these needs. As a result, "self-help" is often the best many of those affected can hope for -- if they can find the self-awareness, guidance, and self-compassion for this task. Yet rarely are the systemic factors leading to this situation discussed -- this is begun on this website.

Yes! Your self-awareness and your relationship with yourself are the most important things affecting your relationships with others and those things which are most key to your living your life in accordance with the values you have and those things key to your living the life you want to have. Hopefully, if you come from a background of adversity this website will be of some assistance to you.

I am now retired from professional life but one of the things I retain from my early life is my love of science and learning, so I'll be bringing you the ongoing products of that learning by providing you with:

Reviews of the scientific literature as they pertain to recovery from childhood adversity

Audiovisual material -- both video and audio-only -- frok researchers and clinical professionals working in this field

Practical exercises -- via PDF and audio files -- to increase your self-awareness and your emotonal and personal functoning

A blog of personal reflections on the material covered -- you can subscribe to this blog and get weekly updates -- a means whereby you can share your experiences with myself and others, ask questions, and get feedback and support from myself and other site users

Audiovisual Resources

Many people visiting this site wish to find the same resources that were accessible using the original links on the old site -- this is not possible -- they have had to be spread across several different free cloud stores as the features of these have changed. I believe I have now located all of these resources, and will be progressively adding them to the new site, as time permits. If you wish to facilitate this process, for yourself and others, feel free to contribute financially -- let me know via the Contact Form below.

For the first page of the revised links see here:

Recent News & Blog Posts

International overview of Trauma Services

Developments in Training for Trauma Workers



BPS Report: Understanding Psychosis -- Highlights important role of trauma and childhood adversity in development of psychosis


➣ Being your genuine self -- the pathway to a better relationship with the most important person - yourself -- so you can have better relations with others

➣ What is "Adversity"? ... ACEs?

➣ ACEs Screening -- Scientific Vs Clinical      Perspectives

➣ Trauma and Therapeutic Relationships



     Safe practices for those with trauma             histories


      Relationship Boundaries

      -- Your Style, Your Safety


        Abstracts of noteworthy recent                     research in the area


Research Overview

Research on childhood adversity, abuse, neglect, trauma and Complex Trauma, and related conditions, Provides links to such as original, research-informed articles, audiovisual material and topic bibliographies. Discusses the application of Biopsychosocial and Functional Contextual models to physical and psychological conditions arising from, or affected by, childhood adversity, e.g., Parkinson's Disease. Topics in this area are available here

Recovery Resources

Resources for adult recovering from childhood adversity, abuse, neglect, trauma, Complex Trauma, and related conditions, in the form of both self-help and professional material, including original, research-informed articles, audiovisual material. An alternative, functional contextual model of psychiatric drugs is provided here. Topics in this area are available here


Annotated biblographies of materials covered in the preceding main sections of the site are available here Annotated bibliiographies for topics like Trauma are contained in the Resources area of those pages.

Mission Statement

To bring to site users and members of the public research- and professional experience-based information whereby issues of childhood abuse, trauma and other forms of adversity can be better understood, and dealt with so that ongoing personal and interpersonal growth can be enjoyed.

About Russell J. Wilson

Russell J. Wilson is now retired, but his previous work experience, in Australia, the United States, England, Scotland and New Zealand, involved over thirty years experience with clients of diverse ethnic backgrounds in educational, health, prison and community settings, primarily as a psychologist, but also with clients with substance use disorders. He continues his work on a voluntary basis in peer support and research projects. He now lives in Dunedin, New Zealand.

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