Research-based Recovery Information*
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Adversity


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These videos discuss important elements in helping therapists and their clients understand issues surrounding childhood adversity; in particular, difficulties in intimate relationships. These relationships present particular difficulties for trauma survivors, but are often problems shared with the rest ot humanity, so these videos may be of value to many, regardless of childhood experiences. Please note: these are in MP4 (video) or MP3 (audio) format, of approximately an hour's duration, and up to approximately 300Mb in size (approximately 100 Mb for audio), so bandwidth considerationa are important. ALSO -- these materials must be properly cited (back to Psychotherapy Networker as the producer -- [LINK]), and should not be re-produced without proper permission.

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Remember, these materials are primarily for the guidance of therapists. You might gain insight into your personal issues by reviewing them but if having difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact a mental health professional.

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Alan Sroufe -- the case for attachment theory
The Case for Attachment Theory

Discover how John Bowlby's work influenced Attachment Theory, what the links are between attachment style and psychopathology, and why Attachment Theory is important to clinical practice.
With Alan Sroufe, Ph.D.


David Schnarch - Perils of Attachment Based Therapy
The Perils of Attachment-Based Therapy

Find out why Attachment Theory keeps clients functioning as needy children and how to use confrontation as a therapeutic strategy.
With David Schnarch, Ph.D.


Janina Fisher - embracing disowned parts
Embracing Disowned Parts

Identify characteristics of clients with attachment injuries who are self-loathing. Be able to define “disowned selves” and understand how to embrace these parts and heal attachment wounds.
With Janina Fisher, Ph. D.


Susan Johnson - attachment issues with couples
Attachment Patterns in Couples Relationships

Discover how to use Attachment Theory to work effectively with clients' emotional reactivity, while deepening your emotional presence.
With Susan Johnson, Ed.D.


Allan Schore - Attachment theory and the future of therapy
Attachment Theory and the Future of Therapy

Learn why moving from insight to affect regulation is important and how to help clients develop a body-based relational unconscious.
With Allan Schore, Ph.D.



DARe -- Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience -- [LINK]

Psychologist Diane Poole Heller's website offering links to therapy courses for adults to help develop stronger and more secure attachment styles, resulting in more joyful and happy adult relationships.
Take the Attachment Style Quiz and discover your Adult Attachment Style (Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent/Anxious, Disorganized Attachment). -- [LINK]
Check out the Primer on Attachment Styles -- [LINK]
Free downloads available of a variety of resources -- [LINK]

THE ATTUNED THERAPIST -- Mary Sykes Wylie and Lynn Turner -- [LINK] (Word .doc)