Research-based Recovery Information*
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Adversity


On this site it is my intention to make my writings at least informed by research evidence, and where possible, based on published research. Some of the latest research will be briefly discussed in the blog entries. In considering this research, numerous issues need to be considered in order for the research to be interpreted "correctly". There are college level courses for psychologists in such topics as experimental design, statistical analysis, and research evaluation, as well as their actual involvement in, and design and conduct of, research -- all part of my academic training and work experience. Various sections of this site discuss:

Visitors to the site are also provided with research opportunities -- to be involved in basic research projects being conducted by me.

I have regular, automatic, updates being sent to me on research into childhood abuse and neglect -- available from NCBI PubMed -- abstracts freely available to the general public, which I shall discuss in postings to the blog page of this site.

An introduction to the "state of the art" is included here to establish a foundation for the site -- [here]. .