Research-based Recovery Information*
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Adversity

BRAIN SCIENCE    Assisting Therapy -- Audiovisual Resources

Resources (lo res - let me know of any problmes) in this section come from a variety of sources, foremost:

Everyday Ways to Protect Your Brain (NICABM)
          video MP4 (52Mb)    [LINK]       Citations (PDF)    [LINK]

How Love Rewires the Brain -- NICABM) (PDF)    [LINK]

The Brain in Two Places: Inside Your Head, Embedded in the World (NICABM)
Dan Siegel, MD, Psychiatrist

          WMV video (152Mb)    [LINK]       MP3 audio (60Mb)    [LINK]

The Neurobiology of Willpower (It's Not What You Expect)    (NICABM)
Kelly McGonigal, PhD

      WMV video (237Mb)   [LINK]      MP3 audio (77Mb)    [LINK]

Unlocking the Enormous Potential of Neuroplasticity    [LINK]
Norman Doidge, MD sheds a little light on the different sides of neuroplasticity. (NICABM)

NICABM had difficulties with this webcast, particularly with its audio recording, and in several instances use subtitles to clarify what is said. As a result, for this presentation, one of the few I link to in this format, it does matter if you don't watch the video, instead choosing to rely on the MP3 audio alone. Due to this, I have split the video recording into two, higher-than usual quality, part recordings. The session overall is approximately eighty minutes duration, and each part separately is of about 40 minutes duration. Should you require it, it is still possible to join the two into one continuous recording -- contact me if you'd like guidance as to how to do this. However, I have still provided MP3 recordings for the entire duration recording, as well as for each part.

     WMV video recording -- Part 1 [LINK]       Part 2 [LINK]       (Approximately 240Mb each)

     MP3 audio recordings:      Total [LINK]    Part 1 [LINK]    Part 2 [LINK] (75Mb/38Mb)

How Neurobiology Changed the Way We View Trauma Treatment (NICABM)
Pat Ogden, Ph.D.

     WMV video (195Mb)    [LINK]       MP3 audio (59Mb)    [LINK]

Between Thought and Therapy:
          Translating Neurobiology Research into Treatments:

Of particular interest is the discussion of new drug treatments for those whose depression is less amenable to remediation by the currently available medications.

Difficulties were experienced in recording this webinar from the AAAS. However, what I provide here are:

-- hence, don't worry if you have difficulties reading the slides while "watching" (or listening!). The webinar explores how translational neurobiology research is being conducted in the Intramural Research Program of the National Institutes of Health in disorders as diverse as depression (of particular interest to issues discussed on this site); age-related macular degeneration; and Gaucher’s disease. The panelists all conduct translational research across the full bench-to-bedside continuum, with the ultimate goal of developing novel paradigms for the treatment of a range of diseases and improving quality of life for patients.

     Presenter details    [LINK]
      WMV video (300Mb)    [LINK]    MP3 audio (67Mb)   [LINK]    PDF slides (10Mb) [LINK]

Transforming the Brain Through Good Experiences (NICABM)
Rick Hanson, PhD, Neuropsychologist

     WMV video (220Mb) [LINK]       MP3 audio (64Mb) [LINK]

Interpersonal Neurobiology in the Consulting Room   (PN)
Daniel Siegel, M.D.

Enhance your effectiveness by applying neurobiological principles and learning how to:

     MP4 video (146 Mb) [LINK]       MP3 audio (61Mb) [LINK]

The Myth of the Unisex Brain    (PsychNetworker)
Louann Brizendine, M.D.
Increase your ability to attune to both male and female clients by:

      MP4 video    [LINK]       MP3 audio    [LINK]

How to Take in the Good: Overcoming the Brain’s Negativity Bias
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist

Apply the insights of Positive Psychology and help clients reshape their brains by:

      MP4 video (251Mb)    [LINK]      MP3 audio (62Mb)   [LINK]

Self-Directed Neuroplasticity:
Take Charge of the Caveman Brain for the 21st Century
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist
MP3 recording of pre-conference workshop -- [LINK]

         Part 1    [LINK]     Part 2    [LINK]     Part 3    [LINK]     Part 4   [LINK]

Brain Power: Improve Your Mind as You Age    (PsychNetworker)
Michael Gelb

Increase your sense of personal and clinical possibilities by learning how to:

     MP4 video    [LINK]       MP3 audio    [LINK]

The Brain that Changes Itself: Neuroplasticity in Clinical Practice   (PsychNetworker)
Norman Doidge, M.D.

Explore new and challenging perspectives on:

      MP4 video    [LINK]       MP3 audio    [LINK]

Understanding Polyvagal Theory: Emotion, Attachment, and Self-Regulation    (PsychNetworker)
Stephen Porges, Ph.D.

Enhance your ability to create safety and work with traumatized clients by learning about:

     MP4 video    [LINK]       MP3 audio    [LINK]