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DEPRESSION -- Strategies for Treatment-Resistance

Depression, at times chronic, treatment-resistant depression, is frequently a product of childhood trauma. I have discussed this issue in various places elsewhere on my site. On this page, I refer to drug treatments (psychopharmacology) for treatment-resistant depression.

Recently, The Neuroscience Education Institute has made available an Encore Presentation from this year's annual congress:
"Treatment Strategies for Patients With Inadequate Response to First-Line Antidepressants" -- Continuing Education Credits are available if you take part in the full process -- see here [LINK].
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photo - Stephen Stahl

Stephen M. Stahl, MD, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychiatry,
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
Honorary Visiting Senior Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK

In this recorded presentation from the NEI Congress , Dr. Stahl discusses treatment strategies for optimizing care of patients with depression.

Learning Objectives:

To assist downloading and making use of the "raw materials" for this resource, I have included links to a "low-resolution" form of the video, an MP3 version, and a PDF of the slides presented -- the text on the slides is not clear in this video, but the PDF provides the details. Importantly, while the presentation is targeted primarily at drug prescribers, other aspects of treatment -- psychotherapy, mindfulness, diet -- are also briefly covered and thus I consider these valuable materials.
video    [LINK]      MP3    [LINK]       PDF    [LINK]