Research-based Recovery Information*
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Adversity


These materials were obtained as free downloads from Psychotherapy Networker -- [LINK]
-- a most valuable resource for counsellors and therapists.

These videos discuss important elements in helping men in counselling -- please note: these are in MP4 format, of approximately an hour's duration, and approximately 300Mb in size, so bandwidth considerationa are important. ALSO -- these are provided as "professional-to-professional" communicatioms, and must be properly cited (back to Psychotherapy Networker as the producer -- [LINK]), and should not be re-produced without proper permission.

To view the videos, click on the presenter photo or the video description. -- Please wait, loading will take a while due to the length of the video and your particular download speed.

Remember, these videos are primarily for the guidance of therapists. You might gain insight into your personal issues by reviewing the video(s) but if having difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact a mental health professional.