Research-based Recovery Information*
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Adversity


Trauma treatment is about helping people feel completely and
totally safe right now.

To feel fully alive and to be fully engaged in the present, and to have a voice.

Trauma treatment is about reclaiming lives...


SoundsTrue Psychotherapy 2.0 webinar series 2015 -- Details    [LINK]

In addition to the materials listed below, I have several recordings of sessions related to trauma that were part of this year's SoundsTrue Psychotherapy 2.0 webinar series -- have a look at the materials on the list, readable through the link, and let me know which ones you are interested in. I'm in the process of redeveloping the site for mobile devices, and as part of this, moving resources to new web storage sites. Hence, the links provided are subject to change.

The materials listed below were obtained as free downloads from Psychotherapy Networker --     [LINK]
-- a most valuable resource for counsellors and therapists.

These resources discuss important elements in helping people in counselling -- please note: these are of approximately an hour's duration, and approximately 100 Mb (audio), so bandwidth considerationa are important. ALSO -- these are provided as "professional-to-professional" communicatioms, and must be properly cited (back to Psychotherapy Networker as the producer -- [LINK]), and should not be re-produced without proper permission.

A new page listing NICABM Trauma series for  2014  posted:    [LINK]

Reviewing the materials in the Emotion Skills series could well be of further assistance, depending on the results of a comprehensive evaluation of the person involved -- [LINK]

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