Research-based Recovery Information*
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Adversity

THERAPY -- Audiovisual Resources


These materials were obtained as free downloads from a variety of sources including:

  • Psychotherapy Networker [LINK]
  • Mational Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine NICABM [LINK]
  • These materials discuss important elements in therapy. For details on how to use them, with demonstration, see here [LINK]. ALSO -- these are provided as "professional-to-professional" communicatioms, and must be properly cited (back to Psychotherapy Networker as the producer -- [LINK]).

    NOTE: Whilst MP3 recordings are provided for some sessions, some involve the display of slides so you are advised to watch the videos to appreciate them in full detail.

    On this site links are provided to a number of materials:

    These videos might be valuable to non-therapists for increasing your understanding of your situations -- how you came to have the concerns you do, and what might be able to be done about them. However, if you have any difficulty understanding, or applying, the principles discussed in these videos, do not hesitate in contacting your nearest available mental health practitioner. They are provided here as personal "professional-to-professional" communicatiosn and should be used as such, and not used without citation back to Psychotherapy Networker.

    Not surprisingly, there are a large number of other resources available from a variety of websites, including those on YouTube, such as the following: